Domestic Abuse Outreach Service

The Domestic Abuse Outreach Service offers support to female victims and survivors of domestic abuse, aged 18+ living in Small Heath, Birmingham.

Clients can access our free and confidential outreach services if they:

  • Are currently experiencing domestic abuse
  • Have previously experienced domestic abuse and are still living with the effects of it

The service aims to offer appropriate and tailor made packages of support to suit the needs of victims and survivors. This includes a flexible appointment system if you require one to one support at all stages of an abusive relationship.

Our experienced Outreach Workers are able to work with you to look at your options and support you with decisions by providing information, guidance and advice. They can provide support in the following areas:

  • Give practical advice about your legal position and put you in touch with solicitors who are experienced in domestic abuse issues.
  • Advise you on your housing options.
  • Help you look at your children’s needs and support you to keep them safe.
  • Safety planning
  • Benefits and budgeting
  • Speak to you on the phone or meet you face to face to discuss any concerns you may have about your relationship.
  • Access to services or other caring agencies and sources of help.
  • Attend appointments with you if you wish.

Support can be provided by telephone or, where appropriate and safe, with one to one meetings. The outreach service offers short term support and assistance, to encourage women to determine their own future and help her regain control over her own life.

We also provide general information, advice and support for individuals who want to learn more about our services or who want to support a friend or family member who is in an abusive relationship.

How It Works

Making a referral

The Domestic Abuse Outreach Service can be accessed by an individual through a self-referral directly to the service. Just call us on 07480970097, Or workers from both statutory and non-statutory services can make a referral on behalf of a victim or survivor by completing the referral form.


Your confidentiality will be respected and we will seek your consent to share information, unless there are concerns about a child, young person or vulnerable adult.

We offer an open file policy and the client is welcome to see all written information we have completed on them.

All contact made with our service remains confidential no matter how you decide to contact us – by telephone, face to face appointments or via our website.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We have to provide certain information anonymously for our donors/funders, such as how many women we see, their ages, ethnicity, sexuality, boroughs etc. We also collect clinical information, to identify the sort of problems women experience. We enter this information anonymously on a database. All information collected is treated with respect and is strictly confidential.

You can get more information about the Domestic Abuse Outreach Service by emailing outreach@pennyappeal .org

If there is anything in these notes that you do not understand, or want to ask about, please call the office or email us.

Ways to get in touch